Are You Fearless?

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to invite you to see my interview as part of the Soul*Full Summit, hosted by Catherine Just.

The Summit deals with fearlessness and how we, as entrepreneurs, encounter and manage fear. As many of us know, fear can be a great motivator, it can be the voice in your head that prevents you from seizing opportunity, and it can be that thing that saves you from disaster. Most people have a really complex relationship with fear because of this dual, good-bad complexity that fear brings to the table.

The Soul*Full Summit is a FREE online summit that encounters and talks about how to overcome fear, how to look at it, and provides perspective on how entrepreneurs can live with (or without) it. Join me (and 23 other awesome thinkers!). 

(T-shirts available for purchase! – Catherine put a lot of tim and effort into this, so DO help support if you can! – they shirts are really cool too!) 

My interview is airing today. Check it out Here:

Twitter Hashtag: #sfsummit

Thanks! -Alex

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