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Are You Fearless?

Hi Everybody, I just wanted to invite you to see my interview as part of the Soul*Full Summit, hosted by Catherine Just. The Summit deals with fearlessness and how we, as entrepreneurs, encounter and manage fear. As many of us know, fear can be a great motivator, it can be the voice in your headContinue Reading

How Hungry are You? A Starving Artist Survey – Take it!

To all who have a creative passion: Go to and voice what you have experienced as an artist or creative. The survey is 23 questions that take 10-15 minutes to complete. You don’t have to be a professional artist to participate and your answers can remain anonymous. The questions cover demographic information to moreContinue Reading

Updates – What Have I Been Up to?

This has been a busy week (to say the least). What have I been up to? My wife, Ashlee, and I participated in “30 Days of Dipes” with The Gnome’s Mom, The Slacker Mom, and Life with Levi. I submitted an article about cloth diapering from a dad’s perspective. My article here: I’ve been working on theContinue Reading

2012 Website Re-Launch

Hi friends old and new! This is the official (soft) launch of the Cult Status Website. The Cult Status Team and I will be working to make incremental improvements to the website as time progresses. It’s a bit bare-bones for now, but guess what? THAT’S OKAY! A Website is a living, breathing entity. It shouldContinue Reading