Updates – What Have I Been Up to?

This has been a busy week (to say the least). What have I been up to? My wife, Ashlee, and I participated in “30 Days of Dipes” with The Gnome’s Mom, The Slacker Mom, and Life with Levi. I submitted an article about cloth diapering from a dad’s perspective. My article here: http://thegnomesmom.com/?p=3345 I’ve been working on theContinue Reading

Lessons Learned from a 14 Year Old Affiliate Marketer

When I first started tinkering around with websites (back in the early-mid 90’s), I came across what I thought was going to make me rich. I was a teenager. In my world, EVERYBODY bought CD’s… and there was this great new program from this new company called CD Now and this other company, “Amazon.com,” who sold books online —Continue Reading

What’s Your Brand, Doc?

Have you ever seen yourself (or your business) as a brand? Well… Maybe your business, but not likely in the way I’m referring to it. I’m not asking you to compare your artistic or entrepreneurial efforts to Campbells Soup or Coke. Rather, I’m asking you to think long and hard about why you do whatContinue Reading

2012 Website Re-Launch

Hi friends old and new! This is the official (soft) launch of the Cult Status Website. The Cult Status Team and I will be working to make incremental improvements to the website as time progresses. It’s a bit bare-bones for now, but guess what? THAT’S OKAY! A Website is a living, breathing entity. It shouldContinue Reading