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Q&A – How to Manage a Client Database and Registration Process

I got a FABULOUS question from “Dee” on the LKR Members Forum (if you haven’t seen it, check out her Social Media Marketer program + special member’s forum) about client surveys and databases, and couldn’t resist sharing. Dee writes: I am in the middle of setting up my coaching business and wondered if you can recommendContinue Reading

Are You Fearless?

Hi Everybody, I just wanted to invite you to see my interview as part of the Soul*Full Summit, hosted by Catherine Just. The Summit deals with fearlessness and how we, as entrepreneurs, encounter and manage fear. As many of us know, fear can be a great motivator, it can be the voice in your headContinue Reading

Marketing Tip: Getting Your Audience to Listen and Care

One of my colleagues, Nelly Odessa of Acting for Non-Actors, made this GREAT video on how to get your audience engaged and paying attention to your marketing messages. One of the first marketing lessons I learned (the hard and expensive way), is that you can’t just buy marketing and expect it to work (unless you haveContinue Reading

3 Tips to Dressing {Your Brand} For Success

I’m happy to present a guest-post from friend, Hilary Rushford As a personal stylist for “real people with real budgets”, I’m a firm believer that we can’t underestimate the power of visual information. For my clients, that means dressing as the best version of yourself from first dates to final interviews. For fellow entrepreneurs andContinue Reading

6 Ways to Cure Content-Starvation for Your Blog, Vlog, or Newsletter

Relationship-Marketing is and has always been the most effective of marketing. Whether you use a Rolodex or Twitter, having a great network of contacts is ideal for any service business. For product-based businesses, retail businesses, and business models that are more transactional, you still need that relationship. People Buy From Those That They Know, Like andContinue Reading

5 Steps to Abolish Painful Meetings

I’m happy to present a guest-post from friend, Briana Borten.  Get ready to be rejuvenated! In this article, you will learn my patented method for sleeping with your eyes open. It’s guaranteed to fool 9 out of 10 of your coworkers during tedious meetings that seem to accomplish nothing. You snooze, they lose! No, wait,Continue Reading

Is Your Site Flashy?

Do you do Flash? Can I get some sweet Flash on my website? Maybe we can do this really sweet Flash Intro, where some music starts playing, and then a video plays, and then our logo explodes from the background, and then… (and then people leave your site). These are very common questions for web designers!Continue Reading

What is Klout?

Do you have clout? How about Klout? Klout? What’s that? Klout ( is a company, started by Joe Fernandez, that set out with the goal of measuring your Social Media Influence. Social Media Influence generally defined as one’s ability to drive action to your social media friends. Typically, this would be measured by how likelyContinue Reading

Updates – What Have I Been Up to?

This has been a busy week (to say the least). What have I been up to? My wife, Ashlee, and I participated in “30 Days of Dipes” with The Gnome’s Mom, The Slacker Mom, and Life with Levi. I submitted an article about cloth diapering from a dad’s perspective. My article here: I’ve been working on theContinue Reading

Lessons Learned from a 14 Year Old Affiliate Marketer

When I first started tinkering around with websites (back in the early-mid 90’s), I came across what I thought was going to make me rich. I was a teenager. In my world, EVERYBODY bought CD’s… and there was this great new program from this new company called CD Now and this other company, “,” who sold books online —Continue Reading