About Alex Sobieski

Alex SobieskiHello, my name is Alex Sobieski. I started Cult Status Creative Studios back in 2007.

I’ll admit it. I’m a nerd. I have a passion for entrepreneurship, food, design, strategy, and ideas. I love to see how things interconnect; cause and effect. I question everything.

But MOST OF ALL, I really love seeing the potential in a business venture, and watching it blossom with the right strategy. I believe that your web presence is your single biggest asset for marketing.

I’m creative and entrepreneurial, I’ve assembled an AWESOME team, and we’re ready to be your Highly Creative, Business-Minded, go-to people to solve your internet woes.

My History

I was born to two musicians (professional violinists). As a child, there was no shortage of creative training. I played musical instruments, took art classes, theater workshops, sports, and so forth.

In high school, I found out I could have a “free website” on this thing called Angelfire. This was the beginning of the end. My friend and I traded html tips and built websites with Front Page Express and a copy of “HTML for DUMMIES” — I’ve come a long way. (I even tried [and failed] my luck at affiliate marketing, by becoming a CD NOW and an Amazon Affiliate)

While attending college, I started an event-production and promotion company. One of the biggest take-away messages I got from this (VERY difficult) work is that “traditional” marketing doesn’t work unless you have a 6-figure budget. What worked? The Internet and Social Marketing. (This was before Facebook. Probably before Myspace. Yes, we’re talking message boards only!)

Later, I graduated from the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN) with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

In addition to Cult Status Studios, my wife and I bought a rental property. A few years later, we purchased Diaperco.comHeinyking.com, and OnlyMommysTouch.com, three websites that retail cloth diapers and natural parenting products.

I’m a voracious reader and information-seeker, I’m a student of the industry, and I have spent countless hours learning at the feet of industry experts over the years. I never stop learning, because I’m obsessed with making businesses market their web presence better. I’m an odd ball. I’m a creative with the mind of a business person… or perhaps a business person with the mind of a creative…

But Most of All…

I’m the guy you go to to make your web presence work. I look forward to working with you!