Cult Status Creative Studio was founded in 2007, by Alex Sobieski.


  • Your web presence is your BIGGEST marketing asset.
  • You shouldn’t have to waste your time finding and talking to uni-taskers (One designer for print, another for web, a third person for marketing, a copywriter, a PR agency, etc. etc. etc.).
  • You deserve better: One Expert who solves your problems.

How do we do it?

My small team and I use our unique combination of of creative/techy skills, combined with seasoned business acumen to create profitable web presences. Please visit our services page for more details.


With Whom do we work best?

Our clients tend to be small business owners and entrepreneurs. They are excellent at what they do. They have a passion for their craft.

They ALSO have limited time.  They need a creative, web savvy person to “make it all work” — that’s me.

Contact Me. I’d love to work with you.